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Hog & Lamb Roast Catering from small parties to very large functions, no event is too small or too large.

Your guests will be thrilled to see the spectacle of a hog roast which can make the centre piece of your party. Having a Hog or Lamb Roast is an easy and very economical way to feed your guests, whether you are holding a banquet or having a more rustic and casual BBQ. We have been Hog & Lamb Roasting for over 18 years and have grown, primarily via word of mouth, to the very successful venture we are today. Our experience therefore runs through many types of events from weddings, parties, christenings, charity events, outdoor and indoor functions - summer or winter. We pride ourselves that we have eveloped a very happy, fun, but slick and competent team of staff, and receive much praise and feedback not only the quality of our food but on the quality of our staff also. We are offering excellent quality, highest standards of hygiene, reliable caterers, service and food.

Matt and his staff have kept with tradition of cooking with charcoal. “You cannot beat the flavour of the meat slow roasted over charcoal” says Matt “I like to make sure the meat is still succulent when it comes to eating”.

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Hog Roasting Tradition

Whole hog roasting has been around since medieval times. There's noting quite like the aroma of the hog crackling away over the naked flame. Served with stuffing and apple sauce on the freshest baps, your guests will be treated to a delicious meal that they wont forget.

It makes the perfect winter warmer or the ideal summer evening feast. So take a look at the services we offer at Hog Roasting Machine and call us. Whatever your needs, we aim to please.